Early/Mid July 2019 “News and Update”


Rent Law Renewal Campaign 

MVUT has been working with numerous New York City tenant associations, and other housing organizations over the last four (4) years to renew and strengthen the state tenant rent and eviction laws. MVUT was the only non-New York City tenants association on the Steering Committee of the Real Rent Reform (R3) campaign. The R3 campaign grew to help form the statewide Housing Justice 4 All (HJ4A) coalition which ultimately pushed the state legislature to pass the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019. This law is the most important state tenant legislation passed since rent stabilization (ETPA) was adopted in 1974. It provided virtually everything that the tenant movement was advocating for. It’s an incredible victory for tenants. HOORAY!!! We’re enclosing a three (3) page “Memo to Members” from the National Low-Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) explaining the improvements in the law. We’re also enclosing a Fundraising Flyer which further explicates the improvements. Please return in the self addressed envelope with a generous contribution. Thank you. 

Westchester Rent Guidelines Board (WRGB) 

In the wake of the huge state legislative victory, the WRGB granted Westchester landlords Guidance increases of 1.75% for one (1) year lease renewals and 2.75% for two (2) year lease renewals. We’re enclosing a July 1, 2019 article from The Journal News explaining this on the reverse side of the third page of the NLIHC “Memo to Members”). These Guidelines apply to any lease renewals that commence between October 1, 2019-September 30, 2020. MVUT’s own, Tamara Stewart, now one (1) of the two (2) tenant representatives on the WRGB did a great job. The landlords were seeking increases of 6% and 12%! They know no shame! 

Thanks Tamara! 

Mount Vernon “RISE” (Report-Inspect-Service-Enhance) 

MVUT has been working with the Mt. Vernon Dept. of Planning and Community Development (MV-PCD) and various organizations and activists on RISE to improve the “Quality of Life” throughout Mount Vernon. We’re setting up tenant meetings throughout the city and we’re distributing and collecting “Quality of Life Surveys” (see enclosed). Please fill out the Survey and get it back to MVUT by either dropping it off at our office; mailing it back to us at PO Box 2107, Mt. Vernon, NY 10551; faxing it to us at (914) 699-7449; or emailing it to us at mvut [@] erols.com. We’re in contract with MV-PCD so it’s important that we collect as many of these “Quality of Life Surveys” as possible. Thanks for your help! Working together we can all make Mount Vernon a better place to live and work in!! 

Please make as generous a contribution as possible and encourage others in your building and neighborhood to do the same. MVUT’s working overtime for you and winning on a number of fronts as evidenced by the above. PLEASE support us NOW !! 

Support Tenants’ Rights! 

Support Affordable Housing!! 

Support MVUT!!! 


Tenants Win!   Big Victory!!

Rent-stabilized tenants* scored their BIGGEST win ever in Albany this Spring! The Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 granted New York State tenants virtually everything the tenant movement had been pushing for! Some of the incredible improvements:

Extends the state rent and eviction laws and makes them permanent. No more future landlords’ attempts to weaken the laws in “sunset years”!

  • Allows all communities in NYS to “opt-in” to rent stabilization. Presently only the five (5) boroughs in NYC and municipalities in Westchester, Rockland and Nassau are covered!
  • Repeals “Vacancy Decontrol”, the mechanism that allowed landlords to get out of rent stabilization!
  • Repeals the “Vacancy Bonus” of 20% which dramatically raised rents. It was also regularly abused by landlords!
  • Reforms the “Preferential Rent” system, protecting tenants from increases of hundreds of dollars upon lease renewal!
  • Dramatically lowers and limits increases that landlords can receive under Major Capital Improvements (MCIs) and Individual Apartment Improvements (LAIS)!
  • Eliminates the statutory 7.5% Rent Control increases!
  • Numerous other technical/administrative improvements!

*You are rent-stabilized if your building has six (6) or more apartments; was built before January 1, 1974; and is not a federally-assisted building, e.g. all Section 8.

MVUT was a key player in the statewide campaign. MVUT got the Westchester County Board of Legislators (W-BOL) to pass a strong resolution in support of the tenants’ demands. MVUT got ALL of the Westchester State Legislative delegation on board in support of the tenants’ movement demands. As a result – Tenants win BIG!

It’s time for YOU, and all tenants to support MVUT. As a result of the laws, all tenants will be saving hundreds, and probably thousands of dollars over the course of their tenancy! The answer is clear:


Detach here and use self-addressed envelope to return.

Yes, I agree, MVUT is helping me and all rent-stabilized tenants. Congratulations on your BIG victory. I am enclosing my donation of:

_$ 50, _ _$75, ___$ 100, ___$ 200 – $500  Other_ __


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Office: 2 Gramatan Avenue Suite 304 Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 10550
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Mt Vernon RISE

National Low Income Housing Coalition Memo

Fundraising Flyer

Mid-July 2019 Update


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