Mid-August 2020 – “News and Update”

Census 2020

Mt. Vernon has had the lowest percentage of residents in Westchester successfully completing the Census 2020 form. THIS lS TERRIBLE!  We must do everything in our power to get everyone to complete the Census form. Everyone should be not only completing their own forms, but just as importantly, helping to get others (friends, relatives, neighbors and others) to complete the Census.  People can come to the MVUT office, where we have Census tablets and can assist them in completing it. lt only takes ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes.

Mt. Vernon stands to lose tens of millions of dollars over the next ten (10) years if we do not do better at getting everyone to complete the Census count.  Make this a priority! Tell everyone — Do the Census.

To further do MVUT’S part in trying to increase our percentage of people completing the Census, we’ll be setting up a table in front of ouroffice at 2 Gramatan Avenueto have people who are passing by fill out the Census tablet right there. We need volunteers to help sit at the table and to assist people in answeringthe questions. We’ll train anyone who can help. lt’s quite easy, but we need volunteers to help!   Call the office at (914) 699-1114 Ext. 303 if you’d like to help.  PLEASE!

YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF!  All information provided to the Census is confidential.  Even if you or someone you know is undocumented, it does not matter. The information cannot be shared with other government agencies.

Countv Legislator Lyndon Williams 

Early August was an especially significant period for Mt. Vernon’s County Legislator Lyndon Williams.

  1. Williams is relinquishing his County Legislator seat as he has been appointed to the Mt. Vernon City Court to replace Judge Adrian Armstrong who has been elevated to the New York State Court of Claims. Dennis was a member of the Judicial Appointment Committee who interviewed six (6) applicants for the Mt. Vernon Judgeship. All six were very impressive and the committee narrowed that field to three candidates which were submitted to Mayor Shawyn Patterson Howard. The mayor then selected Lyndon Williams out of the three (3) candidates. Lyndon will serve the unexpired term of Judge Armstrong which will only run till November of this year. Mr. Williams has committed to run for reelection in November.  The Judge’s term is for ten (10) years but Lyndon Williams would only be eligible to serve for four (4) years because at that time he would have reached the mandatory retirement age of seventy (70).
  2. On Wednesday August 5, Mr. Williams and our County Executive George Latimer held a press conference at Memorial Field with an “official groundbreaking”. (See enclosed copy of Legislator Williams’ newsletter with an 8/6/20 Journal News piece on the reverse side.) HALLELUJAH! For far too long Memorial Field has been an unmitigated mess.  Mt. Vernon’s youth have been the real victims here as they have been denied the incredible recreational value that Memorial Field has long offered us all. Through hard work and commitment both Legislator Williams and County Executive Latimer have helped to bring an end to this disaster.  Cards and/or letters of thanks to both would be appropriate.
  • County Legislator Lyndon Williams (still can receive mail here)
    Westchester County office Bldg.
    148 Martine Avenue. 8th Floor
    White Plains, NY 10601
    (914) 924-7552
  • County Executive George Latimer
    Westchester County office Bldg.
    148 Martine Avenue. 9th Floor
    White Plains, NY  10601
    (914) 995-2908

$ For MVUT 

Many of you have responded generously to our appeal in our last mailing. Thank youl Thank you! Thank you! We desperately need it.   How about the rest of you? We’ve reported on all of our great victories and our ongoing campaigns.   We believe we’ve truly earned your support.  Please make a donation today.

Civil Rights Rollback in Housing

We’re enclosing two (2) pieces from the National Housing Law Proiect (NHLP) regarding the Trump administrstion’s attack on fair housing, and a Fact Sheet entitled “Discrimination Based On Race” from the Westchester County Human Rights Commission.


Please be careful and stay safe!
Always wear a mask when you go out
Honor Social distancing (6 feet)
Wash your hands regularly!

Download Mid-August 2020 – “News and Update” (PDF Version)

Download Lyndon Williams News Release (PDF)

Download National Housing Law Project Flyer on Civil Rights Rollback (PDF)

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