New York State Rent Law Renewal Campaign

As we’ve been telling people, for the first half of 2019, MVUT will be spending a great deal of time and energy working to renew and most especially STRENGTHEN the state rent and eviction laws.

In our Mid January 2019 News and Update , we enclosed a copy of a Tenant Alert which more fully explains some of the legislative goals we’re working for, and an Op Ed Dennis did for The Journal News.

This is the first time in a generation where there’s a real chance to get some meaningful improvements in the tenant protection laws. MVUT is the only non New York City organization on the Steering Committee of the Real Rent Reform (R3) Campaign. We’ve been participating in meetings, conference calls and actions as the Campaign begins to heat up. There will be weekly visits to Albany every Tuesday and MVUT will join in a number of them. We’ll also be meeting with state legislators from the Westchester delegation in their local district offices.

MVUT organized a meeting for Westchester activists on the campaign in the MVUT office on January 10. We had representatives from Mount Vernon, Yonkers, New Rochelle, Port Chester, Ossining and Hastings present. MVUT will be going to Albany next Wednesday January 23 as part of a National Day of Action For Rent Control. In the next mailing we’ll include names and contact information regarding all Westchester representatives in the State Legislature and a Sample Letter for people to use as a model for their personal letters, emails etc.

For more details, see our Mid January 2019 News and Update

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