Tenant Alert !!

In our last mailing we asked you to do a number of things, re: write letters and make telephone calls.  One (1) call we asked you to make was to Governor Cuomo, telling him to renew and strengthen the State Tenant Protection Laws (in the Budget). 

We asked you to call him in his Albany office – (518) 474-8390.  If you haven’t called yet, or if you want to call again, we’re asking that you call Governor Cuomo in his New York City Office – (212) 681-4580.

** Also, this Saturday, March 19, MVUT is co-sponsoring a homebuying seminar in our office at 2:00 PM. If you know someone who is interested in possibly purchasing a home, please let him/her know about this important and informational event.  Call the office for more information at (914) 699-1114

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