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Mid-September 2021 – “News & Update”

MVUT has been busy assisting tenants in filing Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) applications for rental arrears if they had their income reduced as a result of Covid-19. We have assisted over one hundred thirty (130) tenants already and referred dozens and dozens of others to do so themselves. Tenants can and should process applications themselves if they have the ability to do so. They can go to the ERAP website: and/or call 1-844-591-7358.  This Saturday from 1o:00am to 1:00pm there will be two (2) meetings to help tenants as well. We’re enclosing flyers in English and in Spanish which lists the sites.

Just last week we started to get confirmation of approval of some of the applications we worked on. The amounts of the awards to pay back rent in the first three (3) cases we learned about are astounding – $33,666.52, $21,600.00, and $15,500.00!!!!  A special shout-out to our new staff member Andrew Aguilar who worked on all of these cases !

Mt. Vernon Hospital
This Friday, September 17,2021, there will be a rally in support of keeping Mt. Vernon Hospital open as a fully operational hospital. Please come out and support this vital community institution! (See reverse side.)

On Tuesday October 5, 2021, MVUT will hold our Annual Meeting at 7:00pm.  At our Annual Meeting we review this past year’s efforts, and lay out preliminary plans for the upcoming year. We will also elect three (3) board members who will serve a staggered three (3) year board term. If you or someone you know would like to run for the board, call the office at (914) 699-1114 X 303. Candidates must be current in their MVUT dues.

(Speaking of dues (and additional donations), please consider making a contribution. In our last mailing, we included an appeal for funds with a list of the numerous successful campaigns that MVUT has been involved with. These campaigns help ALL tenants. Please help us to continue our work by making a significant contribution.

Support Tenants’ Rights !
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