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Early July, 2021 – “News and Update”

Emergency Rental Assistance Program

MVUT continues to assist tenants who have rent arrears due to Covid – loss of income and/or increased expenses. As of this mailing date we’ve submitted 30 applications, helped 16 tenants upload documents for their applications and referred over 70 families/individuals to the ERAP website — – and/or to the toll-free phone number I-844-691-7368.

Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) Information

Emergency Rent Assistance Program (ERAP)

Those eligible should act fast: once the funding is gone, it’s gone.

State Offices of Temporary Disability Assistance (OTDA) will be processing renters’ applications in the vast majority of states.

Renters/Landlords must apply ONLINE:


As soon as you see it on the screen, write down your application REGISTRATION NUMBER – it will be required durins this process.
If you go back to find it, you may have to begin all over again!

Have the following actual documents before you sign on:

  • Current utility bill (Con Ed)
  • Proof of the rent you owe right now (or your lease)
  • Landlord’s EMAIL;
  • Photo lDs for everyone in the household over 18 (Drivers license with address that has rent arrears or passport);
  • Proof of income for atl in the household (current pay stub). Unemployment insurance statement showing amount you get. lf you have direct deposit and no pay stub, get
  • Bank statement that shows the direct deposit.
  • 2020 tax return: but just signature pages?

CMVNY CONNECT App now available from the City of Mount Vernon

We are very excited to bring you a new App for the City of Mount Vernon. The CMVNY CONNECT App is now live for download and use, allowing residents of the city to access City services like never before.

Residents will now be empowered to use the CMVNY CONNECT App to report violations of the city housing codes in their rental units and other quality of life issues.

CMVNY CONNECT allows you to quickly and easily communicate with agencies and officials in the City of Mount Vernon, New York . This app uses GPS to recognize your location and gives you a menu of common quality of life conditions to select from and forms to submit electronically. Answer a few simple questions and upload photos as needed and your issue will be reported to the appropriate department in City Hall, and we will let you know updates on the progress of your concern through its resolution. You can use CMVNY CONNECT for issues like housing code violations, properties in need of inspection, quality of life concerns, trash, and get important updates and announcements from city government. CMVNY CONNECT connects you to your modern Mount Vernon.

Click link below to download App

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