2020 Year End Appeal — Please Make A Generous Contribution to Mt Vernon United Tenants

Mt. Vernon United Tenants (MVUT) is a 501(c)3 organization, meaning that people can make fully “tax-deductible” donations to us. Now we know that most of our  members and friends do not have much money are unable to make a sizable tax-deductible contribution to MVUT. However, maybe some of you know someone who can? A relative, a friend, a co-worker, etc.?

Why not ask them if they’d like a nice tax deduction before the end of the year? lf someone can do that, we’ll provide the appropriate documentation that they can use for their tax purposes. We’re enclosing a return envelope for such a donation, or even a smaller one if that’s what you’d like to give.  (Mail contributions to:  Mt Vernon United Tenants, P.O. Box 2107,  Mt Vernon, NY 10551.

We don’t have to remind people about how difficult a year it’s been with the pandemic. We’re all struggling here to continue to provide the essential services we always do. As hard as it has been, we have persevered and are looking forward to continuing the fight into 2021 .  It promises to be a scary time as the moratorium on evictions will end early in the New year and we expect to be literally overwhelmed with cases of people facing eviction who are months behind in rent through no fault of their own. 

So please try to help us identify people who may be able to make a large tax-deductible donation, or if not, please contribute whatever you can! 





December 14, 2020

Download MVUT Year End Appeal 2020

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