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Mid-November 2019 “News & Update” 

1) Westchester County Board of Legislators (W-BOL) Public Hearing 

The Westchester County Board of Legislators (W-BOL) is holding their first 2020 Budget Hearing in Mount Vernon’s Doles Center on Tuesday, November 19 (see enclosed WBOL Hearing Flyer, repeated in the section below.

It’s important that tenants come to the Public Hearing in support of Mt. Vernon United Tenants (MVUT). Westchester dollars that go to MVUT are probably the most cost-effective investment that the County makes. MVUT stops over one hundred and fifty (150) evictions every year. We save the county oodles of money by keeping people out of the extremely expensive (over $4,000 a month) emergency shelter system. To be cost effective at the amount the W-BOL has normally provided us ($25,000.00) we’d only have to stop one (1) eviction a year. The reality is that not every family whose eviction we prevent would end up in the emergency shelter system but surely at least

10% would. You can do the math yourself. The savings are immense. Tell the W-BOL – “Invest in MVUT and help Westchester County save more money, and help keep people in their permanent homes!”   We’re also asking the W-BOL to fund a “Grassroots Educational Campaign” to educate tenants about their newly-won rights from this past legislative session in which MVUT played a key role. Come to this Public Hearing, testify for MVUT, and help us become even more effective! 

More info on: Westchester County Board Of Legislators (W-BOL) Public Hearing about the 2020 County Budget 

Date: Tuesday November 19
Time: 7:00 pm (6:15pm sign-up to speak time)
Place: The Doles Center
250 South 6th Avenue

MVUT relies upon the W-BOL to support our program efforts. Lyndon Williams is the County Legislator who represents Mt. Vernon on the W BOL. It’ important for Lyndon and all of the other sixteen (16) members of the W-BOL to hear from MVUT members and friends about the effectiveness of our program efforts, e.g. preventing evictions and keeping people in their permanent apartments, helping re-house homeless people and tenants at-risk of homelessness; fighting for improved services and more affordable rents; organizing tenants and teaching them their rights – this is especially important as the state legislature passed a whole bunch of great improvements in the state rent laws this spring but most tenants are unaware of those improvements. MVUT should be funded to do a “Grassroots Education Campaign” to educate tenants about their newly won rights. As the saying goes “these rights aren’t worth the paper they’re written on if people don’t know about them.” MVUT is committed to do just that – educate all rent stabilized tenants! Our ask to the W-BOL: 

1) Continue funding our successful Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP) $25,000 – $35,000 

2) Fund MVUT’S grassroots educational campaign re: the new and improved State Rent Laws (approx. $50,000) 

We’d like many tenants to come and speak on behalf of MVUT, i.e. how effective our programs are, and the need for increased funding to help MVUT serve even more tenants – not only in Mt. Vernon, but throughout  the county.   Call the MVUT Office (914) 699-1114 x303 with any questions or to discuss your testimony. 

2) CENSUS 2020 

MVUT continues its work on both the Mt. Vernon and Westchester County “Complete Count Committees”. As we previously told you the 2020 Census will allocate $675 BILLION!! We must make sure that Mt. Vernon and Westchester get their “Fair Share”, i.e. we must make sure that every resident gets counted! We just met with the Mount Vernon Complete Count Committee on Tuesday, November 12 and we’ll be meeting with the Westchester Complete Count Committee on Thursday, November 14.

Things will get real busy as we move into the new year. Lots of good people are engaged in this campaign and we’re asking all of our members and friends to encourage everyone they know to help identify “Hard to Reach” residents and let them know that there is nothing to fear from participating in the Census. We’re enclosing a United States Census 2020 two-sided flyer “How the 2020 Census will invite everyone to respond”!

3) Holiday Gathering MVUT  – Friday, December 6th at 6:30 PM

MVUT will hold its annual “Holiday Gathering” on Friday December 6 at 6:30 pm in our office at 2 Gramatan Avenue. Everyone is welcome and we ask that people bring a dish to share that evening or make a donation to MVUT to help defray the cost. We’ll have a flyer in the next mailing.

4) Neighborhood Preservation Coalition (NPC) “Legislative Breakfast” 

MVUT annually organizes a “LEGISLATIVE BREAKFAST”” for the six (6) Neighborhood Preservation Companies (NPCS) in Westchester who receive funding under the State Neighborhood Preservation Coalition. We normally hold the Breakfast in one of Westhab’s new buildings for low to moderate income tenants. We invite all of the State Legislators (Senators and Assemblymembers) who represent areas in Westchester. This is the beginning of the State Budget Process and we work to educate our State Legislators about the value that all of the sex (6) groups bring to their respective neighborhoods.


5) Know Your Rights: New Rent Laws   (Download Know Your Right Event Flyer)

In June 2019, New York State enacted legislation establishing the strongest protections for renters in at least a generation. At this forum you will learn about these laws and get answers to your questions. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
New Rochelle Public Library
One Library Plaza
New Rochelle, NY 

Presenters: Jill Bradshaw-Soto, Esq., Attorney-in-Charge of LSHV Mt. Vernon Office Michelle Avery, Esq., Staff Attorney 

RSVP to ESantiago [at] or call (914) 813-6881 

On site Intake opportunities.
Light refreshments and snacks will be available. 

Legal Services of the Hudson Valley
Protecting Rights- Promoting Justice 

Support Tenants Rights! 

Support Affordable Housing!! 

Support MVUT!!! 

Mt.  Vernon United Tenants, Inc.
Mail: P. O. Box 2107
Office: 2 Gramatan Avenue – Suite 304
Mt Vernon, N. Y. 10551 

Phone (914) 699-1114 – Fax (914) 699-7449
Email: mvut [at]

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