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Mid-October 2019 “News & Update’ 

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MVUT Annual Meeting 

At our Annual Meeting three (3) Board members, Deborah Ramsey, Georgia McDowell and Deborah Carter Jenkins, all were re-elected for three (3) year terms. We also reviewed the past year’s program successes – most especially the incredible improvements in the state’s tenant protections with the passing of the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019. This legislation is the best thing that has happened for tenants in generations. There will be a public meeting describing the various improvements at the Wartburg on October 22 (see copy of flyer enclosed). We also discussed upcoming campaigns for the next year including MVUT’s role in MOUNT VERNON RISE, a new State Legislative Campaign, Census 2020 and the upcoming County Budget.


CENSUS 2020 

This will be a big focus for MVUT over the next seven (7) to eight (8) months. It’s incredibly important that Mt. Vernon makes a big effort to get a “Complete Count” in the census. The U.S. must do a census every ten (10) years. The results of the CENSUS are dramatic. It determines the level of political representation, i.e. how many people represent us in Congress, and even the level of representation in the State Legislature. But maybe even more important is the allocation of federal dollars – $675 Billion. In 2010 Mt. Vernon was victimized by a serious undercount. The 2010 “count was just over 67,000. Most people believe we have well over 80,000 residents, maybe even 90,000! The estimate is that Mt. Vernon lost nearly $400 Million!! Can you imagine what we could have done with that money? MVUT is working with both the Mt. Vernon “Complete Count” Committee and the Westchester “Complete Count” Committee to try to get every Mt.Vernon resident counted. We’ll be sending you information on this on a regular basis – in this mailing we’re sending you two (2) flyers

1) Why We Aşk
2) Westchester New York 2020 Census Jobs 

If you’d like to get involved with the Census 2020 Campaign call the MVUT office at (914) 699-1114. 

Mt. Vernon RISE 

MVUT has been working with Mt. Vernon RISE to improve Mt. Vernon’s code enforcement effectiveness and the quality of life throughout the city. At the last City Council Meeting on October 9, MVUT staff and board members called specifically for four (4) additional code enforcement officers to be hired both by funds received through RISE and with local tax dollars. The three (3) council members in attendance -Acting President Janice Duarte, Marcus Griffith and Lisa Copeland all acknowledged the need for more code enforcement officers. We’ll have to keep up the pressure as we get into the City’s budget process. Tenants should call and write to all of the council members in support of these additions! 

Lead Safe Westchester (LSW) 

Lead in our older buildings poses a serious health threat risk to our community, especially our young (under 6 years of age) children. Westchester County has a significant amount of money from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to start to address this ongoing threat. We’re enclosing a two (2) sided flyer describing the process, eligibility and contact information. Reach out to your landlords and encourage them to participate. Do it for our kids! 


Westchester County Budget 

MVUT needs Westchester to financially support our progress. Most especially, MVUT provides incredible eviction prevention services (we stop approximately one hundred fifty (150 ) evictions every year). The savings to the County is in the millions of dollars in reduced emergency shelter costs. The benefits to those tenants who avoid eviction are incalculable! We’ll also be asking for the Westchester Board of Legislators (W-BOL) to fund MVUT to do an educational campaign on the new and improved rent laws. While the improvements gained under the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 are incredibly significant, if tenants don’t know about them and how to utilize them, “they’re not worth the paper they’re written on”.  As the only funded and staffed tenants’ association in Westchester, and with over twenty-five thousand (25,000+) tenant households in the county covered by the law. 

MVUT is perfectly positioned to run such a campaign. The first County Budget Hearing will be held in Mt. Vernon at the Doles Center, 250 South 6th Avenue, on Tuesday November 19 at 7:00 P.M. Mark your calendar! We’re asking our members to come to this Hearing in support of increased funding for MVUT, and if they’d like to, to speak in favor of same. We’ll have a flyer for this in an upcoming mailing. Call the MVUT office if you can participate. 

Next MVUT Membership Meeting will be on Monday November 4, at 7:00 PM..   Tuesday November 5 is Election Day and we don’t want to inhibit anyone from voting that day.    The meeting will be held at our office at 2 Gramatan Avenue, Room 312.


Upcoming Events: 

Saturday October 19: 

The State of Black Women and Girls in Westchester County (see flyer enclosed on reverse side of the Information on NY State’s New Rent Laws) 

Tuesday October 22: 

Information on New York State New Rent Laws (see above) 

Monday November 4, 7:00 PM 

MVUT General Membership Meeting
2 Gramatan Avenue, Room 312
Mt Vernon, NY  

Tuesday November 5 

Election Day-VOTE! 

Tuesday November 19, 7:00 PM 

W-BOL Public Hearing Doles Center
250 South 6th Avenue
Mt. Vernon, NY   


Support Tenants Rights! 

Support Affordable Housing!! 

Support MVUT!!! 


Download Mid-October 2019 News and Update   and October Flyers