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Mid-March 2019 News and Update

Mount Vernon United Tenants (MVUT) remains busy on a wide variety of fronts!

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Code Enforcement and Quality of Life

This past Tuesday, March 19, a number of MVUT Board Members attended a special meeting organized by the Citys Dept. of Planning & Community Development (PCD) on Code Enforcementand Quality of Life. PCD is going to contract with MVUT on various aspects of this campaign. This is a long overdue project. We have an aging housing stock and much of it is being overutilized. We have to insure the safety and integrity of our housing, while at the same time protecting tenants who may live in substandard housing.

New York State Neighborhood Preservation Coalition (NYS/NPC)

Once again, MVUT organized the Westchester bus for the six (6) groups that get state funding under the Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP). We had a very successful Lobby Day on March 6, meeting with representatives of all of the Westchester delegation, all of whom were supportive. As proof of our effectiveness, both the State Senate and Assembly included increased funding in their respective one (1) House Bills.

People should call and/or write the Legislators and thank them for their support, and tell them to maintain that commitment through the end of the budget season (April). Tell them the NPP is too valuable a program to be whittled away or undermined in late budget deals with the GovernorFULL FUNDING FOR NPP!   To find the legislator that represents you, visit: and

Disability Advisory Board

Our neighbors with disabilities face a number of issues including a lack of services, inaccessible buildings and streets, and of course; the lack of accessible, truly affordable housing. Mount Vernon United Tenants has proudly joined Westchester Disabled On The Move in supporting and aiding The Mount Vernon Disability Advisory Board Committee. The Committee is a dedicated group of Mount Vernon residents with disabilities working towards the creation of an official city Disability Advisory Board. Such a board would advise the city on innovative ways to address these issues from the perspective of those who directly experience them. To learn more about the groups vision and how to support them please contact member Ansel Lurio  at aw12011 [at] or (646) 5221115.

Statewide “Source of Income” NonDiscrimination Ordinance

MVUT will be participating in a statewide conference call under the rubric #BanIncomeBiasNY on Thursday March 19. Well have further news in the next mailing (out late next week).

Westchester Social Justice Forum

This coming Sunday March 24 WESPAC ( and a number of other organizations are holding their annual Westchester Social Justice Forum at 12:30 pm in the Music Building at SUNY Purchase. MVUT will be participating. In addition to exciting workshops, Amy Goodman of WBAI radio (99.5 FM) will be the featured speaker. Amy, in the view of many, is the premier journalist in America. She will be highly engaging, informative and challenging.

Housing Seminars

County Legislator, Damon Maher is sponsoring two (2) Housing Seminars at the New Rochelle Public Library, primarily dealing with Fair and Affordable Housingissues. The first one was held during daytime hours on March 13. The second one is scheduled for Tuesday March 26 at 6:00 pm.

Right To CounselDennis and an attorney from Legal Services of the Hudson Valley (LSHV) will be going down to NYC for a meeting with NYC activists who worked on the campaign to get the City to adopt the Right to Counselconcept on Thursday March 28. While the Westchester campaign is in its early stages, it is important for us to find out what has worked elsewhere, and how we can best design our campaign and plan future actions,

State of CountyAddress The annual address by the County Executive detailing what has been going on for the last year and what we should be looking at into the upcoming year, will be held on Thursday April 11 at 7:00 pm in the Legislative Chambers on the 8th Floor of the County Office Building at 148 Martine Avenue (corner of Court Street) in White Plains.

The relatively new County Executive George Latimer is a longtime friend of MVUT. He came to this past years Holiday Gatheringand while a legislator, came to numerous MVUT office meetings. He is a former tenant leader in Mount Vernon, and professionally ran the Mt. Vernon Section 8 Program years ago!

In addition to all of this issue work, still by far the major amount of time and energy of MVUT is spent on case management of tenants at riskof eviction. Well have a report on the numbers of evictions prevented, and families or individuals rehoused in the next couple of mailings. Stay tuned.

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*Were enclosing an article, Capital Improvements are A Nightmare For Tenants by tenant activist Anita Long which highlights a way that landlords further victimize rent regulated tenants!

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Download Mid-March News and Update (PDF)