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SATURDAY, March 9 >> Fair & Affordable Housing Expo 2019 in White Plains

Fair & Affordable Housing Expo 2019
Saturday, March 9 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
FREE Admission

Westchester County Center
198 Central Avenue
White Plains, NY 10606
Can you own your own home? Find out by meeting with:
 Lenders who can describe available loans
 Realtors with the most affordable listings
 Not‐for‐profit counselors to guide you through the homeownership process
Get answers to important questions:
 How much do I need for a down payment?
 What are my rights with respect to fair housing and fair lending?
 What is the importance of credit and a credit score?
 What is the role of the not‐for‐profit counselor, realtor, inspector, aƩorney and lender?
 Can I get help with my down‐payment and closing costs?
 How do student loans affect my ability to own?
 Where are affordable homeownership opportunities
Housing Expo participants can attend seminars as well as meet with counselors, realtors, lenders, and other professionals throughout the day.
Featured Workshops:
11:45 a.m. Resources for Downpayment, Closing costs & Property Improvements
1 p.m. Fair & Affordable Housing
 How to navigate “Homeseeker Online”
The Application and Selection Process
Fair and Affordable Homeownership & Rental Opportunities Now Available
2 p.m. Rental Housing
This workshop is your chance to meet with not‐for‐profit counselors
who will advise and guide you through the process of finding fair and
affordable rental housing opportunities.
For more information contact:
Housing Action Council: 914-332-4144 |
Westchester Residential Opportunities: 914-428-4507 x 306 |

Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP Lobby Day) – Wednesday March 6

Dear MVUT friends and members.
As always, MVUT is organizing the Westchester bus to Albany for the annual NPP Lobby Day on March 6. We want as many Mt. Vernon tenants to join us on this important trip.
The NPP is MVUT’s largest funding source and it is essential that the State Legislators see us in Albany demanding increased funding for MVUT and the other five (5) Neighborhood Preservation Companies (NPCs) who receive State NPP funding.
There’s a lot of new legislators this year and it’s important that we educate them about the great work MVUT does. You are our best ambassadors communicating that message to the Legislators.
So please “Get On The Bus”. Round trip bus fare is $ 25.00. If you can’t afford the fare, we’ll get a scholarship for you. Similarly, if you can’t go, please sponsor one (!), two (2) or more who cannot afford the fee.
For more info, call the MVUT Office at (914) 699-1114.

Mid-February News and Update

Download Mid-February News and Update (PDF)

Its been quite busy for MVUT this past month and will continue to be for the next couple of months.

Westchester County Housing Needs Assessment

The re-scheduled “Public Forum” which was held at the Mt. Vernon Extension of Westchester Community College on February 5 was extremely well-attended – actually a standing room only crowd. MVUT and Community Voices Heard (CVH) co-sponsored this event with Westchester County, and both organizations brought out many residents. Dennis, Tamara Stewart from the Plaza buildings testified, as did many other MVUT members. Tamara likewise went to the following Needs Assessment Public Forum in Ossining on Monday February 11.

Ossining ETPA Campaign

The February 20 scheduled vote on the possible rescission of the ETPA was postponed as the Village Board rescheduled the whole meeting due to inclement weather. The meeting has been rescheduled to Monday February 25.

Rent Law Renewal Campaign Major Lobby Day in Albany 

This lobby day will be either Tuesday May 14 or Wednesday May 15. There will be other smaller trips as well. We’ll keep you posted.

In the interim, please call and write your state legislators on the three key issues:

– Eliminate Vacancy Decontrol
– Close the “Preferential Rent” loophole
– Repeal the Statutory “Vacancy Bonus” of 20%

Fair Elections

Dennis was a panelist at Westchester For Change’s Public Meeting Free and Fair on January 28 – also a standing room crowd in White Plains. A lobby day was scheduled for Tuesday February 12 but was postponed due to an inclement weather forecast. That lobby day has been rescheduled for Wednesday February 27 (see enclosed flyer). Call the office for travel info.

Statewide “Source of Income” Campaign

Governor Cuomo has included strong Lawful Source of Income (LSOI) protections in his Executive Budget with no exemptions! We’re asking our members and friends to call New York State Assembly members and Senators asking them to include the Governor’s Executive Budget language in their respective one-house (Assembly & Senate) bills. We had included contact information of all state legislators in our last mailing. Hopefully you’ve kept this list on hand and will use it for your LSOI calls and letters, in addition to your calls and letters, for the NPP and Rent Reform Campaigns – consider yourself a “citizen lobbyist!


Our VISTA volunteer, Monique Boamah has been extremely active and productive in recent weeks. She’s continued her organizing work in Intown Towers in Mount Vernon and she has been doing great work in the large (over 400 units) Riverview complex in Yonkers. Part of this campaign and her new outreach to 73-83 Highland Avenue, has included meeting with City Council Members Shanae Williams and Corazon Pineda-Isaac.

Right to Counsel

MVUT has been meeting with Legal Services of the Hudson Valley (LSHV) and a number of other housing and activist groups to begin a campaign to guarantee that tenants have legal representation in local landlord/tenant court cases. This will be a “huge lift” and will most likely be a multi-year effort. We’re at an extremely early stage in this campaign. We’ll provide continuing updates and let you know what you can do to assist.

Did you write and/or call your State Legislators about “Full Funding” for the Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP)?

Did you write or call your State Legislators about the three (3) key issues in the Rent Law Renewal Campaign on the previous page?

If not, please do so – TODAY!!

Support Tenants!

Support Affordable Housing!!

Support MVUT!!!

Download Mid-February News and Update (PDF)