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12/17 MONDAY – Tonight!! Please join us for a panel discussion on Tenant’s Rights!

Mid-December 2018 – News & Update

SCRIE/DRIE – Another Victory!!!

On November 28 the Mount Vernon City Council finally increased the SCRIE and DRIE income eligibility standard from $ 40,000 to the state maximum of $ 50,000. This was after a year-long campaign by MVUT pushing for this. This will enable dozens more families and individuals to access the benefits of SCRIE and DRIE, i.e. freezing their rent! We’d like to thank Councilwoman Delia Farquharson for her leadership on this issue.

Westchester Board of Legislators (W-BOL) County Budget

It looks like MVUT is scheduled to receive $ 25,000 in 2019 through the W-BOL. People should thank our County Legislator Lyndon Williams (914) 995-2837 for his efforts in securing these funds. MVUT needs and deserves much more. There is a possibility that additional funds may be available later in 2019 if the State approves Westchester’s appeal to raise the sales tax. Tell Lyndon how important MVUT’s services are to Mt. Vernon tenants and to all tenants throughout Westchester.

Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) Legislative Breakfast

We organized a successful Legislative Breakfast on December 7 at Westhab’s beautiful new building Ludlow Commons. The Westchester state legislative delegation are all supportive of increasing funding for the groups’ NPP funding. We’ll ask our members and friends to write letters to the legislators into the New Year as a follow-up, and we’ll be organizing the Westchester bus to Albany on Wednesday March 6 (mark your calendars!).

Legal Services of the Hudson Valley (LSHV)

Dennis, Shelley and volunteer Karen Heim all attended LSHV’s

2018 Program Activities

2018 Program Activities